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Spring Decorating Ideas

So, over the last few weeks, the weather has been progressively getting better in my neck of the woods. We've had beautiful, sunshiney days, birds chirping, tulips blooming; the whole nine. That is, until today. Waking up and seeing 34 degrees on the thermometer was quite the shock. Since everyone can agree it's time for winter to pack her bags and move on, today we're going to be talking about decorating ideas for spring that won’t break the bank.

greenery/ fresh flowers

One of my favorite things about spring is that everything is in bloom! Whenever I see the first daffodils spring up (see what I did there?) I can't help but get excited! One of the easiest and least expensive ways to seasonally update your room is to bring the outdoors in. Whether it's faux foliage or fresh cut flowers, you can't go wrong!

pop of color

Changing your textiles is the easiest way to give your living room and bedroom a fresh boost of color and pattern. This spring refresh is also super affordable! Check out my top picks for under $50.

removable wallpaper

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or some new art on the walls to bring new perspective to your home. Try rethinking the traditional gallery wall or adding some oversized art for an easy spring refresh. Tempaper makes a really nice product that I'm slowly becoming obsessed with. The idea of removable wallpaper is fascinating to me and will really help you make the most impact with relatively minimal investment.

lighter fabrics

Roll up those heavy wool textiles and lay down natural-fiber fabrics instead to open up your rooms and usher in a relaxed vibe. Think linens and natural fibers like jute or silk. Believe it or not, with the advances in fabric technology within the last few years, fabrics that were once considered high-maintenance are actually super durable and perfect for busy spaces.

By making these and other little changes, you can give your room an entirely new feel. Did you find some ideas you hadn't considered before? What was the most exciting idea you heard today—and how will you be implementing it?

Let us know in the comments!

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